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Published on January 24th, 2014

Hey all you Grown Ass Ladies, It’s Friday: the day you dreamed about, but never thought would actually come. What »

Published on January 22nd, 2014

Growing up as an art nerd, I definitely spent some time being fascinated with Andy Warhol. I mean, he created »

Published on January 13th, 2014

I was cruising the site of one of my favorite trans-centric bloggers when I stumbled upon this photo of Amanda Lear »

Published on November 22nd, 2013

Hay gurl! Are you trying to “find” yourself and thought an internet quiz might be the answer to all your »

Published on November 5th, 2013

Another arbitrary amount of time has passed, and it’s almost 2014. God knows this past year has been hard for all »